Emergency announce systems controlling by Fire detection and alarm systems

As you remember we explained the below in previous databanks;

• Request determination about fire detection and alarm systems,

• Determining the system type to be installed in building

• Detector types and their designing principles

• Manual call points and warning designing principles

• Monitoring and control purposed devices

• Devices that are used for zone monitoring and sounder/strobe controlling and their using areas (Energized output and controlled devices)

In this issue, we will explain emergency announce systems controlling purposed devices and their using area.

If Building construction area, height, purpose of use, number of users, number of beds are considered, fire alarm announce warning should be done via audible alarm and announce systems in some buildings. But in this case, in order to provide integration between fire detection systems and audible alarm and announce systems for this determining necessary equipment, related article in CEN/ 54-14 is investigated.

In buildings where the people evacuation is difficult, after the fire detection ıf sounder warnings are used, escape way traffic and panic are getting increased. In this buildings, after the fire detection done, in order to do evacuation announce to zone in alarm and near zones, information purposed announce to other zones emergency announce systems are required. Whereby, doing evacuation announce to priority zones, second announce to other zones should be purposed.

CEN/ 54-14 Standard 6.6.1. Article;

"The method of giving the alarm to the occupants of the building should comply with the requirements of the fire alarm response strategy. In some cases the fire routine may require the alarm to be given initially to trained staff, which may then take charge of the resulting operations in the building. In such cases a general fire alarm need not be given immediately, but a facility for giving a general alarm should be provided. Any alarm intended to be perceived by untrained persons (such as the general public) should be at least by audible means. These may be alarm devices or a voice alarm system (such as the public address system). The system should be so designed that it is not possible for more than one microphone, speech module or message generator to be broadcast simultaneously. In areas where sound signals may be ineffective, e.g. where the background noise is excessive, where the occupants are deaf or where hearing protection is likely to be worn, visual and/or tactile signals should be used to supplement sound signals. "

As can be understood, evacuation or passing to safety area should be provided via audio message. In order to serve this purpose, necessary equipment, announce and alarm matrix panel that provides audible alarm should be installed to current building announce system (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Fire detection system and audible alarm and announce system integration

Through this equipment, announce system should be used as audible alarm and announce system with providing between fire alarm systems and announce system integration. Through alarm matrix panels that compatible with intelligent addressable fire alarm panels, determined outputs can be activated with creating cause/effect scenarios. These outputs trigger the audible alarm and announce system thus pre-recorded messages can be announced to determined zones then people is directed correctly to safety area.

Figure 2. Announce via intelligent addressable fire alarm panels

Also, live messages can be converted to announce via using the announce microphone on intelligent addressable fire alarm panels by authorized people. So, announce can be done via intelligent addressable alarm system, apart from cause/effect scenarios. (Figure 2).

Figure 3. Announce control unit

Zone or zones that are determined to be announced can be selected by authorized people. (Figure 3)


In case of making integration between alarms, announce systems and fire detection system, emergency situation scenarios can be made more effective. Also, all technical staff should be trained about regulations, standards and fire alarm system integration with announce and alarm systems.

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