The devices used for monitoring and controlling purposes (Switch monitor and relay control modules)

In this issue, we will explain other systems monitoring and control purpose devices (switch monitor and relay control modules)

The basic components of fire detection and alarm system

Fire alarm systems basic components of installed and being established fire alarm systems;

1. Detectors,

2. Manual call points,

3. Warning devices (Audible and visual warning devices),

4. Panels (Control and decision-makers devices)

Fire detection and warning systems that are consisted with only this components, installed in a lot of buildings nowadays.

Fire detection and warning systems, provide to early detection for smoke, heat and flame effects in the formation stage then send the necessary warnings as visual and audible. Easy interfere and early evacuation are targeted with the help of these warnings Only detection and warning functions are enough for the small place where provides easily evacuation. When the dimensions get bigger, people evacuation can be harder and longer in some places (high rise buildings, hospitals, hotels, schools, shopping center, business center, metro etc.). manual control and extinguishing are not possible as well. Conditions to ensure the continuity of human life and escape way should be provided for certain of period time. On the other hand, in order to automatically extinguishing, mechanical and chemical structure are installed. In short, measures that facilitate the living conditions and fire extinguishing measures should be managed by fire detection system is asked.

On account of, firefighting purposed mechanical and electrical installation system compatibility come into question. Because of this, controlling and monitoring devices are required.

Compatibility of fire detection and alarm systems with the other systems that have to be controlled in case of fire

Fire detection and alarm system should be designed according to CEN/ 54-14 standard 13. and 14.2 articles. Fire detection and alarm systems to be installed in the building should have hardware and software unit to integrate with other systems as follows;

Elevator controlling in case of fire

Elevators working condition in case of fire and earthquake, is expressed in EN 81-73 standard. According to this; elevators will go immediately to emergency exit floor (Usually to ground floor), if the fire is in emergency exit floor, elevators will go to alternative exit floor. In case of earthquake, elevators will stop in nearest floor. Relay control modules should be installed on the cable loops which are passed in fire detection and alarm system elevator machine rooms.

Pressurization controlling of lift shafts and ladder gaps, in case of fire

Relay control modules that send the necessary operating commands to elevator shafts and ladder gaps pressurization system, should be designed. If the motorized dampers are designed in pressurization channel inputs, first dampers should be opened. After the damper is open information is taken, monitoring and controlling systems that send operate command to pressurization fan, should be designed.

Controlling of comfort airing system and smoke exhaust system in case of fire

Necessary equipment that provides air-condition panel controlling, motorized smoke dampers controlling and monitoring, thermal effective smoke dampers controlling and monitoring should be designed. Also necessary relay control module and switch monitor module that provides exhaust fan controlling and fire dampers controlling should be designed. Switch monitor and relay modules that provides poison gas detection, fire detection (heat), ventilation system controlling should be designed in car parks.

Fire compartment doors and electromagnetic holders controlling in case of fire

In order to prevent smoke entry to other zones in case of fire, Doors are installed in long corridors. Fire compartment doors should have necessary electromagnetic equipment which provides to remain normally open in case of fire. Also, equipment (power supply/ relay modules) that provide to send open/stop commands to electromagnetic equipment should be designed.

Emergency announce system controlling in case of fire

Emergency announce system will be explained as detailed in the next issues.

Access control systems controlling in case of fire

In order to open the locked doors that located on access point, necessary equipment (relay control modules) should be designed.

Fire extinguishing system controlling in case of fire

In order to monitor flow valve status, line shut off valve position, pump status information, water storage low level, fire alarm system should be designed with switch monitor modules.

Gaseous fire extinguishing systems controlling in case of fire

Gaseous fire extinguishing system is used specially in Data processing room, telecommunication rooms, electric distribution rooms etc. Fire detection system should monitor that alarm and fault situation of gaseous fire extinguishing system. In this rooms, at least two detectors are used which detects two different fire types. Also, special designed panels are installed that can confirmation, delay and control for warnings that is came from different type detector zones, start automatically the extinguishing, start/stop manually extinguishing. Gaseous extinguishing systems and controlling will be explained as detailed in the next issues.

Explosive gas distribution systems controlling in case of fire

If there are systems that are operated with explosive gas in the building (central heating systems or natural gas systems etc.) relay control modules controlling the necessary detectors and necessary gas shut off systems should be designed.

Building electric distribution systems controlling in case of fire

Electric shut off is asked for the floor or zone in alarm via fire detection and alarm system. For providing this function, in order to trigger the opening coil of thermic magnetic switch, relay control modules are designed.

Emergency guidance systems controlling in case of fire

If the emergency guidance system or information and guidance system are designed in the building, necessary equipment which provide information in case of fire should be installed such as alarm matrix outputs.

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