Recessed Mounting Base & Address Numerators

Recessed mounting base is used for mounting conventional and addressable detectors on false ceilings of various types (like metal, plaster etc.). The base allows creating more aesthetic architectural applications. Bases are produced from ABS and have the same color as detectors. Bases are mounted into ceiling material with minimum two clamps and stainless steel screws.

They have an ergonomic design and easy in implementing. In usual ceilings where placed addressable devices, they can be installed directly under the mounting bases of the detectors, and in false ceilings - under the false ceiling unit. Address numerators are designed to provide great convenience in ⯑inding the right device, in case of fault, malfunction, contamination, etc. Compatible with all mounting bases of MaxLogic / MaviGard detectors and ceiling additions.

Product Code Description
ML-0150 Recessed mounting base
ML-0101 Address numerator and labels (for 127 devices)
MLY-0102 Address numerator and label (for 1 device)





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