Hotels are businesses that host many people at the same time. It is very important in these structures that fire is detected at the early stages and people in the building can evacuate safely. The implementation of the safe evacuation can be possible with the fire alarm automation and cause&effect scenarios.

Ideal for business or vacation accommodation in Almaty, Kazakhstan Almaty City Center is protected from Mavili Electronics A.Ş. by advanced technology Maxlogic & Mavigard brand fire and gas detection systems. In the hotel which accommodates guests with 190 rooms, 1407 photoelectric smoke detectors, 37 heat detectors, 57 resettable manual call points, 4 intelligent addressable system sounders, Supervisor Remote Monitoring and Control Software like many devices are projected.

Thanks to the Supervisor software, which is drawn in the computer environment and details such as floor plans for the buildings are added as maps, it is easy to find in which floor and which device gives the warning.

In the hotel rooms, care has been taken to provide the sound level of 75 Db is required for the guests to wake up in an emergency. Suitable devices which are specified for locations were preferred such as, children playground, spa, pool, gym, and restaurant.

We would like to thank the hotel management for relying on us and our products to ensure the safety of life and property against fire in this hotel at the intersection of the famous Dostyk and Abai boulevards, considered to be the center of Almaty.