ML-125XX.NPTA Fire Alarm Panel

Compatible with EN 54-2 and EN 54-4

Expandable loops up to 16 loops, max. 2032 address capacity for each panel

Protection from electromagnetic interference

Surface mount technology

Real time clock

Product code Loop Address Product code Loop Address
ML-1250.NPTA 0 0 ML-1259.NPTA 9 1143
ML-1251.NPTA 1 127 ML-12510.NPTA 10 1270
ML-1252.NPTA 2 254 ML-12511.NPTA 11 1397
ML-1253.NPTA 3 381 ML-12512.NPTA 12 1524
ML-1254.NPTA 4 508 ML-12513.NPTA 13 1651
ML-1255.NPTA 5 635 ML-12514.NPTA 14 1778
ML-1256.NPTA 6 762 ML-12515.NPTA 15 1905
ML-1257.NPTA 7 889 ML-12516.NPTA 16 2032
ML-1258.NPTA 8 1016      





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Telephone Module

In case of fire or emergency events, communication can be provided between security center, firefighter’s telephones and telephones on the other panels via firefighter’s telephone control unit.

Announce Module

In case of fire and emergency events, Announce module can be integrated to all kinds of present announce systems (all brands and models) via alarm announce matrix panel, it provides to live announcement to determined areas via panel.

Printer Module

Event logs can be printed instantaneously or collectively by the printer module. Since the printer is thermal type, running out of ink is no longer a problem.

Telephone / Announce Control Unit

The use of telephone module and public announce module Over the panel is realized with the LCD designed control unit.