ML-122X Series Maxlogic Intelligent
Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels


Intelligent addressable detectors in the addressable system, intelligent addressable manual call points, loop-powered sounders, intelligent addressable loop-powered base sounder/sounder beacon, zone control modules and intelligent addressable gas detectors; can be programmed to work in cause and effect scenario and fire automation can be done.

Complies with EN 54-2 and EN 54-4 standards

Supervised peripheral devices

Advanced parametric arrangement options for input/output devices

Top priority of fire alarm indication, different buttons for fire and other events, categorical classification due to events

1000 event log and 64 programmable zones memory

Expandable up to 2 loops and 254 address capacity with modular structure

Commissioning, Service and Maintenance Authorization for ML-122X Series

With Maxlogic intelligent addressable system ML-122X series fire alarm control panels, configuration software (LoopManager + Lite) and Addressing Device, you can easily commission, service and maintain.

4 different languages option (Turkish, English, Russian, French)

User friendly, easy installation and use with aesthetic design

Communication interrupt for fast fire detection in 1.5 sec

The key is needed for entry to panel menu

Day and night mode, pre-alarm, contamination warning


Product code Description
ML-1221 Fire alarm panel, 1 loops, 127 address
ML-1222 Fire alarm panel, 2 loops, 254 address
Product code Description
ML-1613 Maxlogic Intelligent addressable system LoopManager + Lite software
ML-1010 Maxlogic addressing device
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