Four different methods are used for remote access of fire detection and alarm system.


For short distance with cable, RS-232

For long distance with cable, RS-485 communication module

Via LAN, WAN and internet for remote access TCP/IP Communication module

Using GPRS via internet, GPRS communication module is used for remote access

Up to 64 panels can be operated within network and thus occurred fire alarms,fault etc. in any panels can be monitored and can be controlled (alarm silence, buzzer silence, reset etc.) from each panel.


Network communication between fire panels is provided via CAN communication protocol that prevents loss of data.

System Scheme

With ONVIF integration, fire detection system can be software integrated and operates with all ONVIF based security systems.

The contamination levels of all detectors on the intelligent analogue addressable fire detection system can be monitored one by one, also restored a report for predetermined periods.

Fire, error and the other events can be grouped based on event profile. By the help of this feature e-mail can be sent to the predetermined e-mail addresses.

In case of fire and fault, it is possible to send fire and fault messages automatically and/or manually via Internet, LAN and WAN.

In case of fire or emergency situation, safe and uninterrupted communication can be made between authorized people, security center, intelligent addressable fire panels and portable or fixed firefighter telephones.

In case of fire or an emergency, a competent person’s live announcements are provided through public announcement module integrated in intelligent fire alarm system.

The pre-recorded message of voice evacuation of the available announcement system found in the building in which fire detection system will be installed are activated on fire scenario of the building.

Maxlogic intelligent analogue addressable fire detection system is graphically monitored and managed from 16 different monitoring centers.

With Mobile Supervisor software fire detection system can be monitored and controlled via Android telephones.