Intelligent Addressable Gas Detectors

Gas detectors are compatible with Intelligent addressable fire alarm panels, and provide a sensitive and stable operating performance. User-friendly Mavigard gas detectors provide wide applicability and reliable gas detection.

Compatible with EN 50194-1

System normal operation condition, faults on detector and gas alarm events can be followed via LEDs

LEDs and buzzer can be tested via test button

Built-in Buzzer

Can be directly connected to loop

5 years sensor life under normal operating conditions

Max. 127 gas detectors per loop

Relay output models that work with fire and security alarm control panels

Models with two level threshold value

Models with external 24V DC / 230V AC power supply

Surface Mounting Back Box

Surface mounting back box is compatible with all Maxlogic and Mavigard single field control modules and gas detectors.

Carbon-Monoxide Detectors

Carbon-monoxide is a toxic gas with explosion risk. The detectors respond audible and visual, when the gas concentration reaches to 50 ppm (parts per million).

LPG and Natural-Gas Detectors

LPG (buthane + propane) and natural-gas (methane) are hidrocarbon derivative explosive gases. The detectors respond audible and visually, before the leakage reaches %10 LEL
(lower explosive limit).

Product code Description
AGD-1224L.VIP Intelligent addressable LPG detector, 24V DC
AGD-1224M.VIP  Intelligent addressable natural-gas (methane) detector, 24V DC
AGD-1224EC.VIP  Intelligent addressable carbon-monoxide detector, 24V DC, electrochemical
AGD-220L.VIP  Intelligent addressable LPG detector, 230V AC
AGD-220M.VIP  Intelligent addressable natural-gas (methane) detector, 230V AC
AGD-220EC.VIP  Intelligent addressable carbon-monoxide detector, 230V DC, electrochemical
ML-0120 Surface mounting back box
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