Conventional Gas Alarm Control Panel


Conventional Gas Alarm Control Panels, offering stable performance are produced by use of surface mount technology with modern exterior design and programmability.

2x16 character LCD with backlight and LED indicators for faults and system conditions.

2-level alarm that gas detectors detect can be shown

2 alarm relays (for alarm level 1 and 2) and 1 fault relay output for controlling other devices and sending signal to other systems

Possibility to easily use via few buttons on the panel

A different relay output for each alarm level. For 8 zones, 16 relay outputs are available in total.

Supervised conventional zone inputs and sounder outputs

Some features of panel can be controlled by remote control inputs. System can be switched into alarm and fault mode, alarm mode can be deactivated and system can be reset by using the remote control inputs.

8 zone inputs

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