Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panels

The ML-221XX series conventional fire alarm control panels are designed to provide economical solutions for medium and big applications with modern exterior design and Surface mount technology production technology.

Compatible with EN 54-2 and EN 54-4

2, 4, 8 and 16 zones

230V AC 50 Hz power supply input

Product code Description
ML-22102 Conventional fire alarm control panel, 2 zone
ML-22104 Conventional fire alarm control panel, 4 zone
ML-22108 Conventional fire alarm control panel, 8 zone
ML-22116 Conventional fire alarm control panel, 16 zone
MGRP-64 Conventional repeater panel
MG-2610 MGRP-64 software


Easy event log transfer by RS-485 port with computer program

2 sounder outputs, fire alarm and fault relay

Zones can be tested with one-man, through zone test feature

Specific zones and/or sounder outputs can be disabled thorugh zone disable and sounder disable features


Relay module 8-way (provides zonal relay output)

Sounder module 8-way (provides zonal sounder output)

Panel status can be monitored via PC. reset, alarm,alarm silence commands can be sent to panel, zone test and disable features can be performed

Stable sensitivity

Protection from electromagnetic interferences


Up to 32 repeater panels and/or fire panels assembled into a network with using repeater panel

Delay can be assigned to zones and sounders

Up to 1000 events log memory

Fire and fault are monitored through zone LEDs and piezoelectric buzzer

Sounder, fault and fire relay outputs


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